Nightmares (1×10)

One(or more) gif(s) per episode | Buffy - 1x10 - “Nightmares”

Throughout the course of the season, Buffy’s double life as proved as a point of amusement and parallels in the show. In this episode, Xander states, “we find, you slay, we’ll party.” His nonchalant (yet slightly joking) attitude marks the inclusion of Willow and Xander in Buffy’s second life as the slayer. They’re no longer the naive bystanders from the beginning of the series. Rather, they help her with monster research, fight alongside her, and know how to point her in the right direction; they’ve also grown to have second lives alongside Buffy’s.

“Nightmares,” as the title suggests, focused on a young boy in a coma, whose nightmares were bleeding into the real world, causing the characters to experience their worst nightmares in real life. For Willow, that’s spiders and singing in front of an audience. For Xander, that’s being naked at school and his sixth birthday party. For Giles, that’s the ability to not be able to read. For Cordelia, that’s not being attractive and being mistaken for a nerd. And for Buffy, that’s her father’s rejection and becoming a vampire herself.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any notable connections between this episode and tht themes we’ve discussed in class.

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