Upon Reflection // reflecting on Fall 2014 writing

Throughout the course of the semester, I believe that my writing has changed slightly for the better. I notice that I have become more confident with my assertions and tone as well as with parenthetical sarcasm throughout my writing, particularly in my post about Formats, Ursula Rucker, first essay draft, and Barbara Cruikshank.

I like the structure, organization, and flow of my writing. Although it takes some time for my word choice to be exactly the way I want it, I enjoy it as a whole when I’ve completed my work (i.e. post, draft, review). I am particularly proud of my review on Barbara Cruikshank’s lecture because the (advanced) vocabulary I integrated at the last minute (and hopefully I used it right); I’m also proud of that piece because I’m surprised I understood enough of the lecture to be able to write about it.

I would like to improve my ideas and content and their integration into my writing. I feel as though I fail to completely state my ideas and my logic behind them in a coherent manner, making the idea seem underdeveloped. I noticed this in my Nights style story in which the boy’s parents were turned into goats with no explanation or foreshadowing. I had somewhat of a path of clues that I was planning on laying out so the transformation wouldn’t be so abrupt, but I failed in integrating that aspect into my story. I also noticed my affinity for the semi-colon when reading some of my posts, particularly my first essay draft. However, I think I am breaking that habit after both Kelly and Dr. Stein pointed it out as a fairly major concern.

I think that the structure and organization of my writing is the most well wrought aspect. Having come from a strong structure-based writing environment, I retained a sizeable number of organization skills in my transition from high school to college writing. My process of writing still starts with some sort of brainstorming or outline process because I still find it impossible to just start writing, no matter the size of the prompt! I’ve noticed that my outlines aren’t as rigid and detailed as they used to be. In the past, they were essentially my paper in a bulleted format (because of the “intro, example, analysis, next example, analysis” structure of high school essays), so the transition from outline to essay was the easiest part. However, my brainstorming this semester has been much less organized and freer flowing. Before both papers, I annotated the prompt and made a large list (4-5 pages) of possibly applicable quotes for my argument. After meeting with Kelly, I picked out the ones she noticed were the strongest and began writing the body of my paper in a looser format that I had in the past.

I might like to rewrite the Nights style story, one of my papers, or the assignment about formats. I don’t think my current writing expertise can offer that much more to any of my other previous writings, but I know my Nights style story was severely lacking in creativity and execution. I might want to expand on my thoughts about formats because I got good feedback about my initial ideas, and I would like to expand and provide evidence for my thoughts. I think that the formats prompt could make for a strong paper. I also feel like the ideas I developed in my papers were fleshed out, but they could certainly be expanded on if researched thoroughly enough.

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